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The “Pyramid Scheme Economy”

Pyramid Scheme

The first few times I used Airbnb to stay with somebody, I brought my hosts stroopwafels and some very old Dutch cheese. Over the past few years I’ve lost that sentiment. Now, I see what has been termed the ‘sharing economy’ as a way for large information monopolies to monetize any excess social capital, while outsourcing all risks to their workers (they don’t call them workers, as workers have rights). I’ve read a lot about […]

Changing the Responsibility for Learning

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Last week has been a busy week with both the E-learning Event and a webinar for En Nu Online. I’ll share some of the presentations that I did in this short post. Based on my presentation at last year’s E-learning Event I was interviewed by the Tijdschrift voor Coaching about culture and the quantified self. You can read a PDF of the Dutch interview by clicking the image below: Marcel de Leeuwe and I hosted […]

Society as a Platform for Learning

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I’ve written before about the #4T2 project by Kennisnet. A while back I was interviewed by Wietse van Bruggen about a concept, society as a learning platform, that we brainstormed in a small subgroup. Below in Dutch what we discussed. You can find the original here. Tijdens de #4T2 brainstorm op 22 juni hebben de leden van de denktank hun ideeën gepitcht en samen de meest kansrijke concepten uitgewerkt. Dit zijn concrete innovatie-activiteiten die het […]

Privacy at Ars Electronica 2012

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I attended Ars Electronica this year and noticed their was a lot of art about privacy. I’ve written a Dutch blog post for the civil rights activists Bits of Freedom about these art works. You can read it below or find the original here. Ieder jaar wordt in Linz (Oostenrijk) Ars Electronica Festival for Art, Technology and Society gehouden. Dit jaar barstte het festival van de privacy gerelateerde kunst. Hieronder een aantal highlights. Memopol-2 van […]

Putting the ‘Design’ in Learning Designer (for The eLearning Network)

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The eLearning Network publishes a yearly advent calendar at the end of the year. I wrote a small post for this year’s calendar. Please find the text below (first published here): The Big Lebowski The Big Lebowski by the Coen brothers is my all time favourite movie. I am not the only one who feels this way. The movie has inspired a whole movement of followers. I’m a Lebowski, you’re a Lebowski, a book describing […]

Interviewed in the “We Are the Competent People” Series

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Bert De Coutere has written a very good book on competences: Homo Competens (I wrote a small review on Goodreads).  As a follow up to the book he is interviewing learning professionals about their competences, how they acquired them and how they keep them. I had the honour of being interviewed too (and he kindly allowed me to publish the interview below). You can find the other interviews here. This is the full interview: Bert: […]

Free Software in Education and Implementation Scenarios for VLE’s (in Dutch)

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About one and half years ago I wrote two Dutch articles for Van twaalf tot achttien, a magazine catering for teachers in secondary education. These articles were the first in this magazine to be published under a Creative Commons licence. This means that I can publish them on this blog and that you will be able to reuse what I have written (as long as you comply to the license agreement). The first article is […]