A subjective atlas of Amsterdam

On 21 March 2023 a subjective atlas of Amsterdam was launched:

This ‘Subjective Atlas of Amsterdam’ presents the Dutch capital as experienced by the residents themselves. Many who call Amsterdam home – especially those most often pushed to the margins – translate their experiences into maps, drawings, photos, and graphics. You’ll see streets you’ve not yet walked down, far beyond the historical centre, through the eyes of people you may not have met, but who could be your neighbours. These pages illustrate unsung neighbourhoods, subjective mundanities, vital criticism, and declarations of love, creating a nuanced collection that captures something difficult to quantify or make tangible: how cultures shape a city.

You can rewatch the launch here or get a copy of the book here.

I participated in two of the spreads inside the book. In the first I show how the just-in-time availability of mobility is unevenly spread around the city. In the book I get way too much credit as both the design of the page and even the text was created by the amazing Wouter Stroet.

Digital (Un)availability (click to enlarge)

The second spread is how a certain class of people appropriates the public space around their houses. The idea for this spread came from my partner, and the pictures where taken by my fellow strijders at Verdedig Noord.

Claiming Public Spaces (click to enlarge)