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Performance Consulting, Change- and Talent Management at ICBE


Today I attended the [Irish Center of Business Excellence] (ICBE) 2012 conference in Dublin, Ireland. I will blog about the following three talks: Peter de Jager on Change Peter de Jager talk was titled “Reducing Change to Seven Questions”. According to de Jager everybody believes that “people resist change”. He then gave us many examples of how we all make big changes in our lives (getting married, bearing children, moving cities, changing jobs). Something like […]

9 Questions for All Learning Professionals in 2011

Learning / Presentations

This week I needed to create a small presentation which could help learning professionals do some forward thinking. I decided to repurpose an earlier keynote given to the Dommel Valley group (you can find that presentation here), strip out many of the slides and record a voice-over including cheesy sound effects. Please find below 9 non-exhaustive things I see happening in corporate learning in the near future and 9 questions that every Learning Professional in […]

Informal Learning “Broadening the Spectrum of Corporate Learning”

Innovation / Learning / Presentations

On November 8th 2010 I delivered a keynote at the second Symposium of the Dommel Valley Group in Eindhoven. The theme of the day was “Informal Learning”. My presentation touched on the “Learning DNA” of the company I work for, looked at some of our efforts in the informal learning space and brought up nine (non-exhaustive) things that I see coming up in the near future. Please check out my slides (or download a 4.3MB PDF […]

Performance Consulting: Moving Beyond Training, a Review

Books / Learning

A little while back I used my company‘s global learning community of practice to ask its members who their learning gurus were. It was an interesting exercise because it gave me some insight into which people and ideas have influenced the current learning practice in the company. I was expecting names like Stephen Downes, George Siemens or Jay Cross to come up, instead we had an interesting discussion about the word “guru” and people mentioned […]