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How to Use Twitter to Become an Expert on Any Topic

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Sometimes you need to quickly immerse yourself in a new field. You might want to gain expertise or quickly gauge what the current issues are around a particular topic. One way of doing this is by creating a dedicated Twitter account to follow a topic. Below some instructions on how you could do this. Setting up a Twitter account with the right settings Go to Create a new account by filling in a name, […]

An Innovation Manifesto

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Over the last few weeks I collaborated with a few people to write an innovation manifesto for an IT function. I think the following statements are a pretty good starting point to becoming more innovative: We prefer outside-in over inside-out You can start by looking what issues we have internally and then find solutions for those issues. You can also look at what issues are worked on externally and try to bring solutions to those […]

How To Chair a Socratic Webinar

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Webinars are usually dreadful affairs. There is wise advice from Donald Taylor and there is the webinar manifesto (slightly too commercial: “Never design, deliver or sell lousy webinars again”) that will help you do a better job. I would like to add a completely different way to run a webinar. I call it the Socratic Webinar. A Socratic conversation is a philosophical method where the participants trust their own thinking, rather than accept the expertise […]

Out-Innovating the Competition

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  Stephen Shapiro from 27-4 Innovation was plugging his latest book Best Practices Are Stupid – 40 ways to Out-Innovate the Competition at an event I attended today. His focus is on how to speed up or accelerate the rate of innovation. He started with an exercise where he pretended to measure how fast our brains were. He did this by shouting out different numbers in a very quick fashion. We had to capture those […]

TruBaltics, An Unconference on Recruitment

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Today I attended #TruBaltics one of the Tru Conferences on recruitment. The Recruiting Unconferences are a series of pure unconferences organised worldwide, where the emphasis is on conversation, communication and the free exchange of ideas and experiences, (dis)organized by Bill Boorman. These unconferences have four simple rules: No Presentations No PowerPoint No Name Badges No Pitching The driving forces behind this edition of Tru seemed to be Aki Kakko and Ruta Klyvyte. The topic of […]

A Day of Conversations at Learning Technologies 2013

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This is now my fourth year in a row that I manage to do a quick visit to the Learning Technologies exhibition in London. Like last year I decided to try and speak to as many luminaries as possible and ask them what they were planning to do in the coming year. Steve Dineen Steve is founder and CEO of Fusion Universal which is going strong as it has just signed the term sheets with […]

The Books I Read in 2012

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Inspired by Tony Haile I have decided to write a yearly post in which I list the books that I have read for the year. This year I managed to read 57 books (still 18 books short on my seemingly unattainable goal of reading 75 books a year. Please note that the categories are quite arbitrary, but mean something for me. Having a Goodreads account really helped me with this exercise. Some people ask me […]

Organizational Agility at the Future of Work Lab


Today I am at the Future of Work Lab (FoWlab) in London attending a masterclass on Organizational Agility. The goal is to get acquainted with cutting edge academic thinking on the topic while sharing cross-sector knowledge. I will write a few blog posts on the basis of the day. The need for agility Lynda Gratton opened the day by talking about three external trends that make it harder to manage your organization. They are: Exponential change […]

Brewster Kahle on “Universal Access to All Knowledge”

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This afternoon I attended a session at in Amsterdam with Brewster Kahle who wants to create “Universal Access to All Knowledge”. He has founded The Internet Archive, a non-profit library with about 150 people. It is best known for its Wayback Machine (collecting about 5 billion web pages a month, amazingly still fitting in a container). They are convinced that it is feasible to store all the world’s knowledge. Texts are being digitized (i.e. scanned) […]

Hackathons: Innovations in Learning and Collaboration

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Melodi Albert and Nancy McClary from Dominian Enterprises, a company with about 3400 employees, talked at Learning 2012 about how they used hackathons as a learning tool. All of their hackathons are two-day long events. They have now organized four different ones for their developers, each focusing on a different API. One of their hackathons was focused on a product I hadn’t heard of before: the Learning Registry. The Learning Registry is: creating a set […]