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The Books I Read in 2013

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Just like last year I decided to publish an overview of the books that I’ve read during the year. This year I managed to read 48 books (I am really missing my daily commute, don’t believe the 47 in the picture above) which I’ve put in the following categories: Philosophy Mcluhan’s Understanding Media is the single most important book on technology that I’ve ever read. His probes are all-encompassing and still very relevant 50 years […]

My Top 10 Tools for Learning 2013


Jane Hart has been compiling a list of top 100 tools for learning for over six years now. This is one of the many reasons why she received an award for her contribution to Learning. A learning tool from the perspective of this list is: Any tool that you could use to create or deliver learning content solutions for others, or a tool you use for your own personal learning. You can view the 2012 […]

How To Chair a Socratic Webinar

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Webinars are usually dreadful affairs. There is wise advice from Donald Taylor and there is the webinar manifesto (slightly too commercial: “Never design, deliver or sell lousy webinars again”) that will help you do a better job. I would like to add a completely different way to run a webinar. I call it the Socratic Webinar. A Socratic conversation is a philosophical method where the participants trust their own thinking, rather than accept the expertise […]

Delivery Models for Learning

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Marcel de Leeuwe, Ruud Smeulders and I hosted a Masterclass on Learning Business Models at the Dutch E-learning Event. TU Delft’s Pieter de Vries has written a solid report (in Dutch) about this session: De waarde van Online Learning gezien door de ogen van Board members. You can find the Dutch slides from the session on SlideShare: I particularly like how Ruud adjusted the ubiquitous Business Model Canvas to be suitable for learning business models […]

Changing the Responsibility for Learning

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Last week has been a busy week with both the E-learning Event and a webinar for En Nu Online. I’ll share some of the presentations that I did in this short post. Based on my presentation at last year’s E-learning Event I was interviewed by the Tijdschrift voor Coaching about culture and the quantified self. You can read a PDF of the Dutch interview by clicking the image below: Marcel de Leeuwe and I hosted […]

The Caledonian Academy: Learning from Incidents, OER en Self Regulated Learning


Earlier this year I visited the Caledonian Academy (part of the Glasgow Caledonian University). Their work focuses solely on technology-enhanced and professional learning. I spent most of a day exploring their delightful areas of research and have now finally found the time to write it all up. Learning from Incidents Dane Lukic worked with the Energy Institute and Hearts and Minds (check their set of tools) in the Learning from Incidents project. He created a […]

Self Organized Learning Environments: An Assignment

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This post is an assignment for the participants of the “Sociale media voor Leren en Veranderen in Organisaties en Netwerken”-leergang by En Nu Online. (Click here to get a Google Translated Dutch version of this post). Last February Sugata Mitra was awarded the TED prize for 2013. The prize money will help him carry out his wish: My wish is to help design the future of learning by supporting children all over the world to […]

Only the Autodidacts Are Free – Why I Have a Personal Library

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I’ve been reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book Antifragile, Things That Gain from Disorder. I’ve portioned the book into 30 daily chunks of 14 pages each and post a Tweet about those 14 pages every day. The following passage is one of my favourites in the book so far. It very much aligns with my thinking about what is wrong with schools, education and learning. I will certainly use (part of) this argument in my next […]

Learning. Who is responsible?

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Just now I delivered a keynote at the 20th Annual Israeli Learning Conference. I was there at the kind invitation of HR Israel and Amir Elion. My talk was pitched as follows: Over the next few years the role of the learning organization will shift, moving away from the current focus on course and curriculum design. Two new responsibilities will appear: 1. Supporting individuals with their self-directed learning and 2. Creating behavioral change interventions for […]