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I Really Hope to See You at Online Educa 2011!


From November 30th till December 2nd I will be attending the excellent Online Educa which bills itself as the “The largest global e-learning conference for the corporate, education and public service sectors”. I’ll be co-organizing two different events and would really like to meet you at either (or both!) of them. One is an Edubloggers dinner (a good Dutch tradition, now in an Internationalised version), the other a workshop in which we will create scenarios […]

So what did I learn at Online Educa 2010?

Innovation / Learning

For the third year in row I attended the Online EDUCA in Berlin. This learning technology event is attended by more than 2000 people from over a hundred countries. The timing and the location of the event are ideal: it is a sweet train journey away from Amsterdam and the end of the year is good time for reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the next. This year’s snow definitely added to […]

Online Educa Berlin 2008: Language


Language is still our prime tool for learning. I find language a fascinating subject and noticed a couple of things about language during the Online Educa. First, Jay Cross. He was a panelist during the Battle of the Bloggers session. One topic they discussed was the financial crisis and how it could affect our profession. Jay said that if you are currently a Director of Training it would probably be smart to change your job […]

Online Educa Berlin 2008: Day 1


I am the Online Educa with Stoas for a commercial purpose: we have a stand with four European Moodle partners and are trying to talk to as many people as possible about Moodle This means that I have not had the opportunity to really go to any of the sessions. I did manage to go to the keynotes of the first day though, so I would like to write down some of the things that […]

Online Educa’s Platinum Sponsor Fronter is a Closed Source Proprietary Product

Learning / Moodle / Open

Warning, this is a bit of a rant… I hate false advertising. That is why I was delighted to read that Apple had to pull an iPhone ad recently (see: What the banned iPhone ad should really look like). I am currently at the Online Educa in Berlin where Fronter is the Platinum sponsor. I found their brochure in the conference bag and was appalled by what I read. Fronter has decided to adopt the […]

Moodle at the 2008 Online Educa in Berlin: a Brochure

Learning / Moodle

This year the Online Educa will be in Berlin from 3-5 December. Pieter van der Hijden made a suggestion to me to create a brochure with all Moodle related activities at the Online Educa. I have done exactly that. Please download the PDF brochure here. There are a couple of Moodle activities I would like to highlight in advance: Four different official Moodle partners (CV&A Consulting from Spain, eLeDia – eLearning im Dialog from Germany, […]