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Looking Back at Learning Technologies 2010

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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the 2010 Learning Technologies Exhibition in London. In many ways this event is very similar to the Online Educa in Berlin (e.g. most Berlin exhibitors were in London too and the conferences shared a keynote speaker). There are two main differences: Learning Technologies seems to draw a slightly less international crowd and it focuses more on the world of corporate learning. In this post […]

The Future of Moodle and How Not To Stop It (iMoot 2010)

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Yesterday morning I got up at 6:30 to deliver a presentation at the very first virtual Moodlemoot: iMoot 2010. All in all it was a hugely enjoyable experience. I had people attending from among other the United States, Ireland, Zambia, Australia, Japan. The platform for delivery of the session was Elluminate, which worked flawless. I am still amazed at the fact that we now have easy access to the technology that makes a virtual conference […]

Moodle and Multimedia, a Ned-Moove Seminar + iMoot 2010

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In April 2007 I was one of the founders of the Dutch speaking Moodle user group, Ned-Moove. When we started nearly three years ago it was still necessary to give Moodle “a face”. Now Moodle has become ubiquitous and the mission of the user group is slowly changing: we now mainly organise meeting trying to bring Moodlers together. Next Wednesday, the 27th of January, Ned-Moove will have its yearly “jaarvergadering” at Stoas in Wageningen, NL. […]

The State of Dutch Speaking Moodle 2009-2010


Two years ago I started writing up a little “State of Dutch Speaking Moodle”. You can find the previous versions here: 2007-2008 2008-2009 This year I am pressed for time so all I have done is compiled the graphs (I haven’t looked at any of the sites this year). Registered Moodle Sites In 2009 has implemented some automatic culling of inactive registered websites. This has meant that registered sites for most countries have gone […]

Random Notes From Online Educa 2009


My blog, as one of the preferred outsourcing partners of my mind, will serve as a keeper of some of my notes and thoughts on Online Educa 2009 in Berlin. This will be a relatively disorganised post with a lot of different short bits of information, apologies in advance. Blog posts Earlier, I wrote a couple of blog posts about this year’s Educa: Will it Blend? A Presentation at Online Educa 2009 Open Source: Getting […]

Did You Know Moodle 2.0 Will….? (Online Educa 2009)

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I have written about Moodle 2.0 before. But last week in Berlin I had the opportunity to attend two more presentations by Martin Dougiamas about the plans for the next major version of Moodle and I have gotten a better idea of how things will work. is completely transparent about their plans. You can read the roadmap and view the latest version of the planning document at any time. 16 developers are in Prague right […]

Will it Blend? A Presentation at Online Educa 2009

Learning / Moodle / Presentations

This morning I presented in the “The Moodle Experience: Moodle in Practice and New Developments” pre-conference session at the Online Educa in Berlin. My talk was titled “Will it Blend” and the slides are available on Slideshare, as a PDF ( 4.9MB) and below (no audio unfortunately). If you have any questions about these slides, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments. On Friday (14:30-16:00 in room Lincke) I will talk about the use of open […]

A Design Concept For a Mobile Moodle Application

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Arjen Vrielink and I write a monthly series titled: Parallax. We both agree on a title for the post and on some other arbitrary restrictions to induce our creative process. For this post we agreed to create a design concept for a mobile Moodle application. The concept should include screen mockups. You can read Arjen’s post with the same title here. This month we are delighted to have two guest writers writing about the same […]

Invitation: Ned-Moove Organises a Moodle Meetup


  On Wednesday, the 25th of November, Ned-Moove organises another Moodle Meetup. A selection of service providers in the open source educational technology space will be presenting their products. The programme starts at 15:30 and finishes at 18:30. Topics include Edurep, Teleblik, Zimbra, Wintoets, and Mahara (and the presentations will be in Dutch).   The location is the Open Schoolgemeenschap Bijlmer on Gulden Kruis 5, 1103 BE in Amsterdam. Attendance (and parking!) is free, although we do […]

New Paradigms for Course Delivery

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As I write this I am participating in two exciting courses. Each course is an example of how new paradigms for course delivery are coming to the fore in this online world. I will probably write more about both of them in the near future, but will kick off today with just a simple explanation of both courses. Rapid eLearning Development LearningAge Solutions has developed an online course about Rapid eLearning Development. I am a participant […]