Moodlemoot UK 2009: What would you like to know?

I will be attending the 2009 UK Moodlemoot in Leicestershire on April 7th and 8th. The conference schedule has been finalised and I have taken a look at it. I plan to attend the following sessions:

  • Keynote presentation by Martin Dougiamas. I wonder what Martin will talk about this time. Moodle 2.0?
  • Moodle in the Boardroom, examples of Moodle in the Corporate Sector by Ray Lawrence & Gavin Henrick. In the last months I have been very focussed on how to make Moodle work in the corporate world. I have spent a lot of time at a large multinational company implementing Moodle and building its use. I look forward to the perspective of these two senior Moodle partners.
  • Moving to Moodle: challenges and opportunities at an institutional level by Jacqui Nicol. I don’t know Jacqui, but she works at the Robert Gordon University which is the Best Modern University in the UK (according to The Times Good University Guide 2009) and to me it is always interesting to hear about larger roll outs.
  • Informal Learning and Moodle by Miles Berry. Miles has been one of the most focal Moodle enthusiasts in the UK for years now. His perspective as a head of an independent prep school and as website manager of Open Source Schools is always fresh.
  • 10 things to like about Moodle by Hans de Zwart. Unfortunately I don’t think I can get out of attending this session. I have given myself an impossible title as I have no idea about the audience. We’ll see where it gets me.
  • New Frontiers – Moodle and OLPC by Martín Langhoff. I have been following the OLPC project for years now and am interested to hear what has been happening with the plans to run Moodle on the XS.
  • Into the Third Dimension with SLOODLE by Daniel Livingstone (while some of my colleagues take notes at the session on Moodle and Mahara). I have never seen a live demo of Sloodle (Moodle integrated into Second Life), so it will be good to finally decide how much value that 3rd dimension adds.
  • Moodle Makeover – finessing your Moodle courses by Ian Wild. I thought Ian’s book (reviewed here) was excellent, so I look forward to meeting him and having a chat. You can never have enough ideas on how to make your Moodle courses even better. Hopefully I will see some inspiring ideas.
  • OLPC School Server internals — and building a generic small zero-configuration school server for a million schools out there by Martín Langhoff. Martín is one of those brilliant überprogrammers who likes to talk in conceptual frameworks and thinks faster than he can speak. I wouldn’t miss this for anything.

I will make sure to blog about my experiences at the end of each day, but I would also like you to participate. Are there any questions I should ask during these sessions? Is there anything you have been wanting to know about Moodle? Do any of these titles inspire you?

Please tell me in the comments…

4 thoughts on “Moodlemoot UK 2009: What would you like to know?

  1. Hans – as we know: most of Moodle’s exposure is in the the Secondary and Higher Education market. Lately it has been making inroads into the corporate market that has quite different requirements and expectations – particularly when it comes to reporting and back-end integration into HR systems. My question for the Moodle audience would be to what level corporate requirements are known, who works in this direction and what are some of the developments that people see or have been doing that has found interest in corporate. – Cheers, Seb

    1. Hello Sebastian, good to see you here and thank you for your input!

      I will definitely be asking those questions. There is at least one session that seems to address these issues directly. Next to that, I am hoping to speak to Bryan Williams. His company, Remote-Learner, has developed a product called Enterprise Learning Intelligence Suite (ELIS) which has added reporting, curriculum management and certification to Moodle. It would be interesting to hear his views. Another person I will call on is the Italian Moodle partner Andrea Bicciolo. He has worked at HP and IBM for most of his career and now has a very successful independent company.

      I’ll make sure to share what I learn…


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