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My Top 10 Tools for Learning 2013


Jane Hart has been compiling a list of top 100 tools for learning for over six years now. This is one of the many reasons why she received an award for her contribution to Learning. A learning tool from the perspective of this list is: Any tool that you could use to create or deliver learning content solutions for others, or a tool you use for your own personal learning. You can view the 2012 […]

Learning. Who is responsible?

Learning / Presentations

Just now I delivered a keynote at the 20th Annual Israeli Learning Conference. I was there at the kind invitation of HR Israel and Amir Elion. My talk was pitched as follows: Over the next few years the role of the learning organization will shift, moving away from the current focus on course and curriculum design. Two new responsibilities will appear: 1. Supporting individuals with their self-directed learning and 2. Creating behavioral change interventions for […]

Do It Yourself Learning at Masie’s Learning 2012


Marcel de Leeuwe and I hosted a session at Elliott Masie’s Learning 2012 about Do It Yourself Learning. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously preparing for the session and created a special website for the conference: Why DIY? There are a few things happening in the corporate learning world: The business is changing faster than the Learning function can keep up with. Effectiveness of learning is low with constant questions of the Return on Investment. Knowledge […]

Reflecting on South by Southwest (SxSW) 2012

Innovation / Learning / Open

It has been a few months since I attended SxSW in Austin. Time to do a bit of reflection and see which things have stuck with me as major takeaways and trends to remember. Let me start by saying that going there has changed the way I think about learning and technology in many tacit ways that are hard to describe. That must have something to do with the techno-optimism, the incredible scale/breadth and the […]

Working Smarter in Online Communities – Etienne Wenger at Tulser

Innovation / Learning

Tulser organised a masterclass with Etienne Wenger-Trayner at their fabulous Maastricht offices. The title (in Dutch) was “Slimmer werken in (online) communities” (“Working smarter in (online) communities”). Learning How To Work Smarter Jos Arets, Vivian Heijnen and Joost Robben kicked off the day. Their analysis of the issues around learning and development wasn’t groundbreaking, but is is interesting to see a company who have made this criticism a core part of their value proposition toward […]

Reflecting on the “Narrating Your Work” Experiment

Innovation / Learning

A few months back I posted a design for an experiment on my blog. The goal of the experiment was to find out whether it would be possible to use a microblogging tool to narrate our work with the intention of making better performing virtual teams. Over the last two months, the direct team that I work in (consisting of 18 people) basically participated in the experiment in the way that it was designed: They […]

The “Narrating Your Work” Experiment

Innovation / Learning

I have just finished writing a small proposal to the rest of my team. I thought it would be interesting to share here: Introduction We work in a virtual team. Even though there aren’t many of us, we often have few ideas about what the other people in our team are working on, which people they have met recently and what they are struggling with. The time difference between our main offices make our occasional […]

Workflow Driven Apps Versus App Driven Workflow


Arjen Vrielink and I write a monthly series titled: Parallax. We both agree on a title for the post and on some other arbitrary restrictions to induce our creative process. This month we write about how the constant flux of new apps and platforms influences your workflow. We do this by (re-)viewing our workflow from different perspectives. After a general introduction we write a paragraph of 200 words each from the perspective of 1. apps, […]

My Top 10 Tools for Learning 2010

Learning / Moodle

For this year’s edition of the Top 100 Tools for Learning (a continuing series started, hosted and curated by Jane “Duracell Bunny” Hart of the Internet Time Alliance) I decided to really reflect on my own Learning Process. I am a knowledge worker and need to learn every single day to be effective in my job. I have agreed with my manager to only do very company-specific formal training. Things like our Leadership development programs […]