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5 Questions from Traintool: Teaching Soft Skills Online

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Recently I was asked a few questions by Traintool about using training softs skills online. Below the questions and answers (the original is here, the session was in Dutch which is available here): 1. To what extent to you believe soft skills can be trained online? “Believe” is probably the right verb for this question. Learning technology is still too often driven by opinions. Having said so, I definitely believe in it. First: a lot […]

Street-Level Genius: An African Maker Safari


Anita Pyke ( moderated a panel with Juliana Rotich (Ushahidi and Afrigadget), Steve Daniels (Makeshift Magazine and writer of Making Do) and John Kidendafor a discussion that was billed as follows: From bicycle-powered mobile phone chargers to a helicopter built from an old Honda Civic and the remains of a crashed 747, Africa has been producing a unique strain of innovators long before the maker movement started trending in the US. With projects ranging from […]

Open – What Happens When Barriers to Innovation Become Drastically Lower?

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The final themed session at Lift 11 France is about OPEN – What happens when barriers to innovation become drastically lower?. From the introduction: The Internet has radically open innovation systems in digital products, content and services. Today, the same is happening to manufacturing, finance, urban services, even health care and life sciences. What will this new innovation landscape look like? First up is Juliana Rotich from GlobalVoices. Her talk is about Ushahidi which builds […]