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Nine Challenges for the Learning Department (Based on Masie’s Learning 2012)


In late October I attended Elliot Masie’s Learning Conference. I’ve blogged extensively about each individual session, but want to use this post to lift out the larger themes that I saw at the event and to ask the corporate learning departments a few challenging questions that relate to these themes. Personalized Learning A few years back Wayne Hodgins and Eric Duval started talking about the Snowflake Effect. They gave examples of media channels providing personalized […]

Shifting Trends in Buying Learning


My first session for this second day of Learning 2012 started with a session of shifting trends in buying learning. Masie has been involved in a survey aroud the learning market place. According to him there is an anomaly: there are more dollars to buy learning than robust providers/suppliers that can deliver to their needs. One example is the market for Learning Management Systems (LMSs). There is an increasing frustration from members of the Learning […]

Elliott Masie’s Learning 2012 – Opening Night


These few days I (and 1600 others) will be attending Elliott Masie’s Learning 2012. I will be hosting a session with Marcel de Leeuwe and will be blogging about what I see. The opening evening started with Lisa Nicole Wilkerson singing Defying Gravity, one of the themes of the conference. Masie then made a comparison between how we watch television nowadays (everything on-demand and personalized) and how we do learning today (not quite there yet). […]

Speed Dating at the 2012 Learning Technologies

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On Wednesday, January 25th I attended the Learning Technologies exhibit at Olympia in London. I used agreeadate to schedule as many meetings with corporate learning luminaries as possible. Next to catching up, I decided to ask each of them the following four questions: What will be the most exciting (professional) thing you are planning to do in 2012? Which corporate learning trend will “break through” this year? Which company (other than your own) is doing […]

9 Questions for All Learning Professionals in 2011

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This week I needed to create a small presentation which could help learning professionals do some forward thinking. I decided to repurpose an earlier keynote given to the Dommel Valley group (you can find that presentation here), strip out many of the slides and record a voice-over including cheesy sound effects. Please find below 9 non-exhaustive things I see happening in corporate learning in the near future and 9 questions that every Learning Professional in […]

So what did I learn at Online Educa 2010?

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For the third year in row I attended the Online EDUCA in Berlin. This learning technology event is attended by more than 2000 people from over a hundred countries. The timing and the location of the event are ideal: it is a sweet train journey away from Amsterdam and the end of the year is good time for reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the next. This year’s snow definitely added to […]

Random Notes From Online Educa 2009


My blog, as one of the preferred outsourcing partners of my mind, will serve as a keeper of some of my notes and thoughts on Online Educa 2009 in Berlin. This will be a relatively disorganised post with a lot of different short bits of information, apologies in advance. Blog posts Earlier, I wrote a couple of blog posts about this year’s Educa: Will it Blend? A Presentation at Online Educa 2009 Open Source: Getting […]

Mobile Language Learning with Learnosity (Online Educa 2009)

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About one and a half years ago I listened to a Floss Weekly podcast about the open source telephony project Asterisk. Asterisk is an incredibly flexible and powerful piece of software. Many projects are using the software in very creative ways. E.g. an interactive telephone murder mystery, a plant care system, a slightly offensive booty call service, the ability to create your own conferencing rooms, interactive big screen cinema controlled by phone input, and so […]

Technology Changes Everything?


Every year the literary agent and publisher John Brockman asks a group of thinkers an important question. Their answers are published on the (horribly designed) website. This year’s question is: What will change everything? What game-changing scientific ideas and developments do you expect to live to see? More than 140 well known authors have answered the question and it provides for fascinating reading. What struck me was how many of the writers see some […]

Learning 2008: Wrap up of day 1


I have already written two posts about the Learning 2008 conference. This last post about day one will just be some random things that I noticed and want to highlight: The session on Mobile learning with industry leaders from Chrysler, Accenture, Microsoft and Merril Lynch was surprising to me. Mobile learning was mostly used by these companies to make their learning more efficient and thus drive down costs without losing effectiveness. Basically a matter of […]