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Reflecting on the “Narrating Your Work” Experiment

Innovation / Learning

A few months back I posted a design for an experiment on my blog. The goal of the experiment was to find out whether it would be possible to use a microblogging tool to narrate our work with the intention of making better performing virtual teams. Over the last two months, the direct team that I work in (consisting of 18 people) basically participated in the experiment in the way that it was designed: They […]

The “Narrating Your Work” Experiment

Innovation / Learning

I have just finished writing a small proposal to the rest of my team. I thought it would be interesting to share here: Introduction We work in a virtual team. Even though there aren’t many of us, we often have few ideas about what the other people in our team are working on, which people they have met recently and what they are struggling with. The time difference between our main offices make our occasional […]