Help Me Choose What Drafts I Will Finally Finish

DraftsI decided to revisit all the posts on this blog and re-categorize them. One new category is inspired by Stephen Downes’ piece on How to Get the Most out of a Conference. In it he recommends to not only put your slides on Slideshare, but also keep your own archive. I have now put all my presentation in their own category and have added the option for a PDF download to each of them.

While doing this, I encountered 30 draft posts that I never managed to get around to finishing. This is the list of drafts (from oldest to newest):

  • Blogging for the future (2008/10/15)
  • The Tactical Technology Collective: My Favourite NGO (2008/12/02)
  • Virtual Worlds (rapid e-elearning) (2008/12/09)
  • Information is now validated at the point of consumption, not creation (2008/12/24)
  • Google, Walmart, MyBarackObama (2008/12/27)
  • What we can Learn about Learning from Games (2008/12/30)
  • Open Source Red Hat (2009/01/11)
  • Attention and Presence as an Alternative to the Email Time Suck (2009/01/15)
  • Corporate Social Networking Part 2: The Inside/Outside Paradox (2009/02/18)
  • QR Codes: Linking External Information to Location (2009/02/20)
  • Networks Subvert Hierarchy (2009/03/04)
  • Corporate Social Networking Part 2: A Business Case for Elgg (2009/03/18)
  • Moodlemoot UK 2009: Day 1 (2009/04/08)
  • Brain-machine interfaces: a new way of sensing the world? (2009/04/14)
  • Universities will be ‘irrelevant’ by 2020 (2009/04/21)
  • E-learning and Accessibility (2009/05/25)
  • Daimler Sovereign 4.0 Versus Honda Civic Hybrid: Environmental Impact? (2009/09/27)
  • Interface Specialists Unite: Please Fix Assessments in E-Learning (2009/10/20)
  • A Learning Typology (2009/12/09)
  • Creating a Multilingual WordPress Site with WPML (2009/12/31)
  • Usability: Why Nokia Will Not Win and How I Lost My Principles (2010/02/01)
  • Constraints through design vs through control (2010/02/18)
  • Requirements gathering and walking in front of the customer (2010/02/18)
  • Yammer Features That I Would Like To See (2010/08/23)
  • Techno-habituation (2010/09/01)
  • To E-read or Not to E-read? That’s my Question (2010/11/23)
  • Lessons From a Do-it-at-Home Car Mechanics Course (2011/01/08)
  • Learning Technologies and Fosdem 2011 – Stuff That I Found Interesting (2011/03/04)
  • Technology’s Tendency to Diversify (2011/03/16)
  • What Learning Professionals Should Learn From Foursquare: Location and Gamification (2011/06/25)

In my Evernote account I have stored another couple of blogging ideas:

  • Bits of Freedom’s PIM
  • Sent from my Wii Fit
  • Blind for a day
  • Email Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Reflection and curiosity as the engine for learning
  • A visual history of my computing hardware
  • What we can learn from teaching korfbal at a secondary school
  • Using a Contracting and Procurement process to get a new job
  • Buy once versus products as a service
  • Workplace engineering
  • Personal terms of service

Here is the deal: If you let me know in the comments which posts (up to three) you would like to see being written by me, then I will write them in the next month or two.

17 thoughts on “Help Me Choose What Drafts I Will Finally Finish

  1. Hans,
    Nice idea to pick your next blog subject this way!
    I would really like to read more of your thoughts and ideas on Corporate Social Networks (twice in your list and by far my favorite topic at this moment + one of my projects at Ahold in 2012).

    For 2nd and 3rd I choose ” Reflection & curiosity as the engine for learning” and ” What learning pro’s should learn from Foursquare.”

    Looking forward to your next blogs.
    Sigrid Stavenuiter

  2. Hi Hans!

    Great to be able to choose and what an impressive list of drafts! I’m curious what you have to say about the following topics:
    – Attention and Presence as an Alternative to the Email Time Suck (2009/01/15)
    – To E-read or Not to E-read? That’s my Question (2010/11/23)
    – Blind for a day


    1. Hey Diana, good to hear from you… I have already written another post about presence so I doubt I will write that one again. The e-reading post is still a good candidate and should get done soon. Blind for a day is based on one of Shell’s UK directors who spent part of his day being blind to experience how it is. This is still something that I really want to do, but I think it will be hard because of the level of organisation it would require to execute it well (I already shudder when thinking about trying to get to my train station with just using a stick).

  3. Hi Hans,
    I totally sympathize. I have a few drafts of my own on the blog. Might copy your idea on motivating myself to finish them…
    Here are my requests from your list:
    – A Learning Typology
    – Corporate Social Networking Part 2: The Inside/Outside Paradox
    – +1 for Foursquare

    1. Hey Amir! Two of these are the same as Sigrid’s choices, so I guess I will have to start writing these. The Learning Typology is an interesting one. This has been on my plate for a long time now and want to use it allow people to choose different learning strategies for different problems. This one requires a lot of research which I actually look forward to (don’t expect it too soon though!).

  4. Job Bilsen writes on Twitter:

    “seems my comments are stuck @hansdezwart ‘s blog: I prefer the blog about daimler vs. honda or no more universities in 2020”


    “If you don’t finish your draft post on Honda Civic Hybrid vs. Daimler Souvereign you should at least give me a mgnt summary.”

    1. I don’t think I will write about the irrelevance of universities. This topic has been beaten to death since I’ve drafted some initial thoughts about it. The Hybrid versus Daimler debate is an interesting one. I will look into it!

      1. In my original comment I wrote that the post about universities was my ‘boring-I’m-chosing-from-a-work-related-perspective’… well, not that my work is boring, but it was the perfect-son-in-law choice.

        I’m looking forward to the final winner…

  5. Hi Hans
    I liked the sound of
    To E-read or Not to E-read? That’s my Question (2010/11/23)
    and the A Learning Typology (2009/12/09) too.


  6. To E-read or Not to E-read?
    Blind for a Day (just been watching on Inside Africa/CNN a bling Nigerian musician who is making waves – Cobhams Asuquo’s his name)
    Reflection and curiosity as the engine for learning

    1. Thanks Oz, I’ll do the first and the third pretty soon I think. The “blind for a day” one is more difficult I think. I have to depend on others to help me organize it.

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