Help Me Choose What Drafts I Will Finally Finish

DraftsI decided to revisit all the posts on this blog and re-categorize them. One new category is inspired by Stephen Downes’ piece on How to Get the Most out of a Conference. In it he recommends to not only put your slides on Slideshare, but also keep your own archive. I have now put all my presentation in their own category and have added the option for a PDF download to each of them.

While doing this, I encountered 30 draft posts that I never managed to get around to finishing. This is the list of drafts (from oldest to newest):

  • Blogging for the future (2008/10/15)
  • The Tactical Technology Collective: My Favourite NGO (2008/12/02)
  • Virtual Worlds (rapid e-elearning) (2008/12/09)
  • Information is now validated at the point of consumption, not creation (2008/12/24)
  • Google, Walmart, MyBarackObama (2008/12/27)
  • What we can Learn about Learning from Games (2008/12/30)
  • Open Source Red Hat (2009/01/11)
  • Attention and Presence as an Alternative to the Email Time Suck (2009/01/15)
  • Corporate Social Networking Part 2: The Inside/Outside Paradox (2009/02/18)
  • QR Codes: Linking External Information to Location (2009/02/20)
  • Networks Subvert Hierarchy (2009/03/04)
  • Corporate Social Networking Part 2: A Business Case for Elgg (2009/03/18)
  • Moodlemoot UK 2009: Day 1 (2009/04/08)
  • Brain-machine interfaces: a new way of sensing the world? (2009/04/14)
  • Universities will be ‘irrelevant’ by 2020 (2009/04/21)
  • E-learning and Accessibility (2009/05/25)
  • Daimler Sovereign 4.0 Versus Honda Civic Hybrid: Environmental Impact? (2009/09/27)
  • Interface Specialists Unite: Please Fix Assessments in E-Learning (2009/10/20)
  • A Learning Typology (2009/12/09)
  • Creating a Multilingual WordPress Site with WPML (2009/12/31)
  • Usability: Why Nokia Will Not Win and How I Lost My Principles (2010/02/01)
  • Constraints through design vs through control (2010/02/18)
  • Requirements gathering and walking in front of the customer (2010/02/18)
  • Yammer Features That I Would Like To See (2010/08/23)
  • Techno-habituation (2010/09/01)
  • To E-read or Not to E-read? That’s my Question (2010/11/23)
  • Lessons From a Do-it-at-Home Car Mechanics Course (2011/01/08)
  • Learning Technologies and Fosdem 2011 – Stuff That I Found Interesting (2011/03/04)
  • Technology’s Tendency to Diversify (2011/03/16)
  • What Learning Professionals Should Learn From Foursquare: Location and Gamification (2011/06/25)

In my Evernote account I have stored another couple of blogging ideas:

  • Bits of Freedom’s PIM
  • Sent from my Wii Fit
  • Blind for a day
  • Email Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Reflection and curiosity as the engine for learning
  • A visual history of my computing hardware
  • What we can learn from teaching korfbal at a secondary school
  • Using a Contracting and Procurement process to get a new job
  • Buy once versus products as a service
  • Workplace engineering
  • Personal terms of service

Here is the deal: If you let me know in the comments which posts (up to three) you would like to see being written by me, then I will write them in the next month or two.