Month: August 2011

Make Sure You Read This: Hackers by Steven Levy

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Wow! This is a masterful book. Levy reports on three different eras that have shaped modern computing: The group of hackers at MIT in the early sixties who were the first to use computers for anything other than computing things (the first computer game, the first chess computer, the first time that a computer is connected to a robot, etc.) and created a culture, the hacker ethic, in the process. The people around the Homebrew […]

Reflecting on Lift France 2011: Key Themes

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A couple of weeks ago I attended the Lift France 2011 conference. For me this was different than my usual conference experience. I have written before how Anglo-Saxon my perspective is, so to be at a conference where the majority of the audience is French was refreshing. Although there was a track about learning, most of the conference approached the effects of digital technology on society from angles that were relatively new to me. In […]