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Privacy and the Internet – A Talk at the HvA

Bits of Freedom is doing important work (and are effective in the way they do their job). I am therefore honoured to ocassionally field some of their speaker requests. Today I presented at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam on Privacy and the Internet and had some good talks with the students afterwards.

I am not sure the slides make a lot of sense without the audio, but if you augment them with a visit to some of the links in this bundle, then you might understand a bit better in which ways the Internet’s permance, replicability, scale and searchability (thank you danah) should affect the way we think about privacy going forward.

You can also download the slides as a 8.1MB PDF file.

  1. Hi Hans,

    Thanks for sharing this presentation. Even without the audio it is worth reading. I got the point and like you are standing up for BOF. They deserve far more attention and support for their important, and often forgotten, ideas and work!

    BTW: Hell no I’m gonna click on your F-like button. I don’t even have the guts to look at it for longer than 2 seconds.

    Warm regards, Marcel

    • Thanks Marcel, I have now removed the Facebook like button from this blog and have turned off the “Smart” buttons for the other services.

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