10 Things to Like About Moodle

It was always my intention to write a post summarising last April’s Moodlemoot in Loughborough in the UK. It was a highly enjoyable event with many Moodle luminaries present and there was much to write about.

However, I doubt I will ever write that post, so I have decided to share the presentation that I did titled 10 Things to Like About Moodle. It tries to describe the factors that have contributed to making Moodle such a success in the seven years of its existence. The audio is sometimes a bit hard to understand (too much hand-waving on my part), but overall it should still be valuable to many people.

[slideshare id=1262865&doc=09040710thingstolikeaboutmoodleslideshare-090408032056-phpapp01]

Download the slides as a 3.5MBĀ PDF file.

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