Moodle at the 2008 Online Educa in Berlin: a Brochure

Moodle at Online Educa
Moodle at Online Educa

This year the Online Educa will be in Berlin from 3-5 December. Pieter van der Hijden made a suggestion to me to create a brochure with all Moodle related activities at the Online Educa.

I have done exactly that. Please download the PDF brochure here.

There are a couple of Moodle activities I would like to highlight in advance:

If you are reading this and are planning to go to Berlin, please leave your name in the comments. It would be great to meet up.

Finally a word about the layout of the brochure. This is called a Pocketmod. It is an easy way to create a small booklet with 8 pages. Please watch the video to see how you have to fold the brochure (alternative instructions):


I really like these small booklets and use them often when I travel for my flight, rental car and hotel details. A little while ago I wrote a small bash script that uses Imagemagick to create a pocketmod PDF from an eight page PDF file. You can view and download the script at this textsnip page.