The Employee Engagement Mindset


The Employee Engagement Mindset
The Employee Engagement Mindset

Conrad Gottfredson led a session on employee engagement about which he has co-authored a book with the same title.

Jack Welch has said that there are three key metrics for any business: employee engagement, cash flow and customer satisfaction. The first is the most important, because you will never have the second and the third without the first.

For the book they interviewed highly engaged people. Their findings were that engaged people…

  • feel the least entitled,
  • usually stay engaged wherever they are, and,
  • take charge of their engagement and feel responsibility for their own engagement.

Engaged employees also use the following six personal action drivers: shaping, connecting (there are four ways to connect with your work: social , intellectual, environmental and inspirational), learnig, stretching (pushing beyond your comfort zone, through your discomfort zone to your outer limits, you anchor yourself there until it become your comfort zone), achieving and contributing.