Day: 01-01-2010

My New Job Title: Innovation Manager Learning Technology


My employer has gone through a restructuring exercise in the past couple of months. This means that from today onwards I will have a new job in the company. I used to be Blended Learning Advisor in the global learning design and development team, now I will be Innovation Manager in the IT department of the Human Resources function. I will be managing the innovation funnel for learning technology. I am very aware that this […]

The Influence of a Workspace On Performance

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Arjen Vrielink and I write a monthly series titled: Parallax. We both agree on a title for the post and on some other arbitrary restrictions to induce our creative process. For this post we agreed to write about the influence of a workspace on performance. The discussion should build on the ideas set forth in a previous parallax post Planning your Career or the Boundary between Private and Professional life. You can read Arjen’s post […]