Day: 07-07-2011

8 disruptive pitches


A new platform has just been launched in beta. It is called Imagination for people, a collaborative platform dedicated to social innovation. The projects listed on the platform have to be for the public good, they have to be disruptive (so a “worldwide first”) and it needs to be able to scale. We were presented with eight different ideas in this vein: La Ruche qui dit Oui a way to disintermediate wholesalers and supermarkets from […]

Who needs to become “smart” in tomorrow’s cities?

Innovation / Open

The first true theme of the conference is Urban, who needs to become smart in tomorrow’s cities. From the introduction: We want cities to become greener, safer, more competitive, more inclusive, more vibrant or easier to move in. To achieve that takes more than great engineering and determined leadership, yet this is what most models of “smart cities” are built around. It requires trust and collaboration, the deliberate sharing of urban (hardware, software, informational) resources, […]

Innovating within innovations challenges…


Joëlle Liberman (Égérie Research) and François Jégou (Strategic Design Scenarios) are hosting a session titled Innovaton Futures, Innovating within innovation challenges. This workshop is based on an European project titled Innovation Futureswhich is a foresight exercise on emerging patterns of innovation. From their introduction: How is innovation changing and which challenges innovation will have to face in the coming future? INFU ( is an on-going European research project focusing futures of innovation, scanning weak signals […]