Learning 2008: How and why Novell chose Moodle

Novell Training
Novell Training

Novell will launch their new Moodle based LMS this November 4th. In a session called “In the Moodle: How Novell Chose an Open Source LMS” they outlined the process of choosing an LMS that could fulfil their needs. When they needed a new LMS, they first listed their requirements and then used a cross-functional team to look at 9 proprietary and open source LMS’s (Sakai and Ilias).

They will use the LMS internally (for training their employees) and externally (for their partners) and their learning materials are mostly SCORM based. They chose Moodle because it fit their needs the best and because it is pliable. They were able to skin it completely into Novell’s brand and use Moodlerooms (a US based Moodle partner) to make some minor code changes and host Moodle for them.

What surprised me is how narrowly Novell defines training. It is a strict content -> participant relation. They currently have no specific plans on using the rich Moodle functionality that will allow participants/students to be in contact with each other. I realise that it is very hard to design corporate self-paced online training which still maximises the opportunities for participants to collaborate and create, but shouldn’t our leading businesses also lead in this quest? Who knows examples of big multinational companies using tools like Moodle for truly interactive online training.

I noticed that Moodle is becoming more and more pervasive in the corporate world. In the sessions today I learnt that Google uses Moodle for (some) of their internal training needs and so does the CIA.